Our Team

  • Administration

    Daniel Levesque
    Daniel Levesque President/Owner (506) 473-5000 Send an Email
    Mark Landry
    Mark Landry General Manager / Co-Owner 506-736-5000 Send an Email
    Bruce Milliard
    Bruce Milliard Business Manager / Co-Owner 506-736-5000 Send an Email
    Johanne Rioux
    Johanne Rioux Accounting (506)473-5000 Send an Email
    Julie Michaud
    Julie Michaud Accounting (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000 Send an Email
    Antoinette Richard
    Antoinette Richard Accounting (Edmundston) 506-736-5000 Send an Email

    Sales Department

    Frank Levesque
    Frank Levesque Business Manager (Grand-Falls) (506)473-5000 Send an Email
    Alexandre Parks
    Alexandre Parks Sales Manager (Grand-Falls) (506) 473-5000 Send an Email
    Michel Ouellette
    Michel Ouellette Sales Representative (Grand-Falls) (506)473-5000 Send an Email
    Jean-Réal Michaud
    Jean-Réal Michaud Sales Representative (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000 Send an Email
    Guy Collette
    Guy Collette Sales Representative (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000 506-479-0729 Send an Email
    Jason King
    Jason King Sales Representative (Edmundston) 506-736-5000 Send an Email

    Service Department

    André Levesque
    André Levesque Service Advisor - Parts Advisor 506-473-5000 Send an Email
    Stephen Lagacé
    Stephen Lagacé Service Manager 506-736-5000 Send an Email
    Denis Morin
    Denis Morin Service Advisor (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000 Send an Email
    Richard Cyr
    Richard Cyr Service Advisor (Edmundston) 506-736-5000 Send an Email
    Rejean Francoeur
    Rejean Francoeur Technicien (Grand-Falls) 506-736-5000
    Jody Russell
    Jody Russell Technicien (Grand-Falls) 506-736-5000
    Richard Ouellette
    Richard Ouellette Technicien (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    Rock Levasseur
    Rock Levasseur Technicien (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    François Landry
    François Landry Technicien (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    Maxime Gauvin
    Maxime Gauvin Technicien (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    Pierre-Luc Dubé
    Pierre-Luc Dubé Technicien (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    Jacques Gervais
    Jacques Gervais Director of Fixed Operations 506-473-5000 Send an Email

    Parts Department

    Paul Poitras
    Paul Poitras Parts Advisor (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000 Send an Email
    Mike Ayotte
    Mike Ayotte Parts Advisor (Edmundston) 506-736-5000 Send an Email

    Aesthetic Department

    Louise Plourde
    Louise Plourde Automotive Aesthetic (Edmundston) 506-736-5000
    Craig Schoots
    Craig Schoots Automotive Aesthetic (Grand-Falls) 506-473-5000

At Rendez-vous Chrysler, we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are, to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.